A local path for Walking and Talking

Walking and Talking is an alternative to holding sessions at The Summerhouse therapy room. Instead, we would follow one of the many scenic footpaths surrounding Lewes while we talk. We would agree on a route in advance, taking account of fitness levels. Our walk would be for fifty minutes.


  • Walking in the outdoors may feel a more natural way to open up about whatever has brought you to counselling.
  • Studies suggest exercise, particularly outdoors, may bring therapeutic benefits on its own.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The footpaths we would use are quiet, but public. Therefore, you would need to be comfortable with the possibility of being seen by others while we walk and talk.
  • The English weather is famously unpredictable. As a dog owner I'm used to, and willing, to walk in all conditions. However, it would be your choice if you'd rather have the session at The Summerhouse instead.

There is an additional £15 cost on top of my usual rate for Walking and Talking. This would not be charged if you did choose to have the session at The Summerhouse instead. You can find more information on my rates here.