Update: I am using Zoom to continue seeing clients during this Coronavirus crisis. If you’re feeling sad, anxious or lost, struggling with relationships, or stuck in familiar negative thoughts or behaviour, please contact me to see how counselling can help.

I offer Online Counselling, using Zoom, for when in person sessions at the Summerhouse are not an option.

For online counselling you simply need a device with a webcam, such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. If you have been able to make video calls in the past, such as with Skype or WhatsApp, then your connection should be fine. The next step is to download the Zoom software for whichever device you decide to use, which you can find here: https://zoom.us/download.

Once we agree a day and time to meet, I would send you a meeting invite with a link for you to click on when the session is due to start. We would then have the same 50 minute session we would have if we were meeting in person.

I have worked this way with clients for over a year, and the feedback I have had has been very positive. While my personal preference would always be for meeting in person, I believe online counselling can be equally effective.

To learn more about online counselling, or if you have any other questions about how I work, please contact me.