Worried about a loved one's alcohol or drug use?

Are you affected by a friend or family member’s use of drugs or alcohol? Are you experiencing difficult feelings such as isolation, helplessness, confusion, stress or anxiety?

I have particular experience working with the family and friends of people with alcohol and drug use issues. Sadly, with so much focus on the substance user, the needs and wants of those around them are often neglected.

Think about the oxygen masks that drop down in airplanes during an emergency. There’s a reason the safety demonstration says to put your own mask on first, before trying to help others. It can be difficult to see beyond trying to help your loved one stop their problem drinking or drug use. Knowing how much better life could be if successful. But I also know how there are no guarantees of when, or if, that will happen. And I have seen how draining and overwhelming that attempt to help can be. My priority would be to help you cope with life as you are experiencing it right now. I want to help you explore the available options for you that could be the equivalent of that oxygen mask.

Please do get in touch so we can discuss how I might be able to help you.